What’s Included…

The ALiVE Programme is unlike any other medical programme because of the amount of contact and support you get from me. Our first consultation will be a full 60 minutes – and you will be in regular contact with me throughout the programme.

The ALiVE Programme is aimed at busy women who want results quickly and need energy to function at their best to get the most out of their life. If you don’t feel right and you don’t know why, then it’s vital to find the cause in order to feel really ALiVE again.

Initial Consultation

In this session we will do a thorough assessment of your current state of well-being and barriers to your health.

Hormone Test

This comprehensive test will look at your thyroid health, sex hormones, insulin levels and adrenal health.

Vitamins & Minerals

This analysis will enable me to provide a personalised prescription of supplements.

First Follow-up Consultation

In this session I will explain the results of your tests and create a bespoke treatment and nutritional plan.

Final Appointment to Assess your Needs

Together we will create a maintenance health plan to help you keep on track going forward.

Gut Health Test

This test will check for parasites, inflammation, levels of probiotics and enzymes to treat any gut dysfunction.

Regular Fortnightly Follow-up Consultation

These sessions are to assess your treatment and make any adjustments, provide ongoing support, and answer any questions.